A witness’s voice is not protected

Our voice is unique.

However, with digital technology’s advent and the proliferation of technologies such as DEEPFAKE AUDIO, the voice can now be synthesized, modified, andrecognized.

Unfortunately, nowadays, one of the necessary means of witness protection used in all news reports and criminal cases remains the voice modification by linear effects existing on the market, such as the “pitch” effect: a transformation of the tone of a processed signal.

These working methods date back to the analog era. Today, simple inverse functions are available on the internet. That research access to a signal’s spectral representation, the equivalent of a voice fingerprint, reverse all existing audio effects.

These methods have become obsolete and dangerous and do not guarantee the anonymity of witnesses.

A protection flaw that few official services, especially the Justice, seem to know.

In concrete terms, if we take an example of spectral representation, the analysis before and after the pitch does not modify the fundamentals of the signal.

Spectral representation of the original voice:

Spectral representation of the “pitched” voice:

No modification is observed. This confirms the NON-PROTECTION of the voice of the witnesses by simple treatment of “pitch” or other linear effects.

Based on this observation, which we are not the only ones to denounce*, after four years of research and development with specialized researchers and the support of RIAM, CNC, BPI, and INRIA, SWEALINK offers the only secure protection for the voice of witnesses, a plug-in under the name VOX PROTECT.

As proof of its irreversibility, if we compare the original voice and the voice processed by VOX PROTECT, we can see that the signal has indeed undergone essential transformations, thus protecting the witness from a voice recognition by the analogy of signals.

Original voice:

Voice processed by the VOX PROTECT software:

VOX PROTECT is the only software that protects the witness, the plug-in user, and the software itself by its innovative operating model.

*For more information: www.voxprotect.com

To receive the press kit: contact@voxprotect.com


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