How do you achieve a satisfactory level of protection?

We have defined two levels of protection in the software (plug-in):

-The first level of protection, "Low level of protection" corresponds to weak security.

This protection is more reliable than a common effect such as pitch. Indeed, the result found cannot be reversed by the current market effects. However, it remains reversible and can be analyzed by more “specialized” services.

We advise you to use this level of protection for witnesses, for example, who testify on facts without significant risk of recognition or for the actors’ voice replacing the
voice of the witness.

-The second level of protection, “High level of protection” corresponds to a strong level of protection that protects, for example, a witness who denounces a drug trafficking or a terrorism case.

This level will protect in all situations, including voice recognition. The downside is that your voice will become less understandable and require subtitles in some cases.


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