What are the recommended "buffer" preferences?

We recommend a computer with a minimum of 32 GB RAM. We recommend the following preference criteria : -For Protools, Set Up/Playback Engine/HW Buffer Size :1024 samples /Cache Size: Normal -For Audition, Preferences/Audio Hardware/SW Buffer Size and Available Ram...

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How do you achieve a satisfactory level of protection?

We have defined two levels of protection in the software (plug-in): -The first level of protection, "Low level of protection" corresponds to weak security. This protection is more reliable than a common effect such as pitch. Indeed, the result found cannot...

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How does VOX PROTECT work?

The software is a plug-in. It is therefore integrated into video or audio editing software. See the list of software compatible with VOX PROTECT: "SPECS" To find out how it works, watch the wwwuct video

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